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Thumb_fbbac2e35b6a5be31625f360c65abed1 Carson McCullers
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  • Small in scope, as intense as Frankie Addams’s fevered imagination, The Member of the Wedding is magical in effect, properly an American classic. Its mixture of comedy, pathos and tragedy (for there is a shock of an ending, beyond Frankie’s personal humiliation) is rendered with such seeming effortlessness, one might be inclined to call it ‘artless’. There is no higher praise.

  • Berenice is a profoundly impressive character. Miss McCullers can continue to create similar ones and, like Dostoievsky, place them in a situation where their very grotesqueness takes on symbolic value, American literature may find itself with a really important writer on its hands.

Our Thoughts

I remember this book for, more than its characters or plot, that vivid feeling of wanting to belong expressed so convincingly.

— Brian Flanagan

“Precocious Children”